May’s Crystal of the Month – Chrysoprase

We’ve not had a crystal of the month for a few months, but I thought I’d return with one of my favourite spring-vibed crystals – Chrysoprase.
This is also one of the birthstones for May, so it’s wonderfully timed 😉

This wonderful stone buzzes with the energy of new beginnings,fresh starts and potential. Whether you’re wanting to manifest exciting new oportunities or if you’re going through a phase of transition, this is a crystal that will help you manifest change.

Chrysoprase is a wonderful crystal to have in your collection, especially when you’re feeling disconnected from those around you.
If you’ve lost touch with people, either due to lockdown or because you’ve just been too busy, then this is your crystal. It encourages you to make meaningful, real-life, in-person connections with others every day.

As this stone connects to the heart chakra, spending time with this crystal by your heart will help you release, forgive and transform. It showers you with hope, joy, optimism, and happiness, and activates and opens your heart chakra to allow you to receive love with an open heart.
If you’re in a period of transition or you’re wanting to manifest exciting new opportunities, Chrysoprase is a crystal for manifesting change.

It’s also a powerful stone for forgiveness, so spending time with a piece near your heart will help you release, forgive, and transform.
Wearing it as a necklace or tucked into your bra is an easy way to keep its energy near your heart, or place a piece over your heart chakra when you meditate.

If you feel disconnected from those around you, Chrysoprase can help bring you back to real connection. It encourages you to make meaningful, real-life, in person connections with others every day. It will give you the push to ask an old friend out for lunch, or invite a new acquaintance to take a walk. It’ll urge you to call a loved one and introduce yourself to people you meet through the day. It pushes you to make an effort to connect with others in small or big ways daily.
Working with Chrysoprase also encourages you to reconnect with people and things you have detached yourself from and reignite your desire to connect with others and prioritize those forms of connection that have been pushed aside.

Chrysporase also helps promote hope and the love of truth and brings universal energy into the physical body.
Mentally, Chrysoprase stimulates fluent speech and mental dexterity. It prevents you from speaking out impulsively in anger. It lifts oppressive and recurrent images, preventing nightmares, especially in children. It brings a sense of security and trust and is useful in healing codependence, supporting independence and also encouraging commitment.

Match Chrysoprase with Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Rhodochrosite or Rose Quartz to make an elixir to use as part of your skincare routine to boost your beauty, inside and out.
Use with Golden Healer Quartz, Rhodonite and Sunstone to stay connected and commited in relationships.
Use with Amethyst and Unakite to stay present and connected while traveling.

Our Chrysoprase collection will be growing very soon, but for now you can get your hands on our delightful tumbled stones for just £3.50 each. You can find them here.

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