Crystals for Gardens

Gardening with crystals can be of wonderful benefit to both yourself and your plants.
It’s a practice useful for both gardening beginners and those with green fingers, and even if you’re not really a believer in the healing benefits of crystals and stones, they can add a wonderful visual effect to your green space. And it’s so simple to bring them into your environment – you just need to either place them within the soil in the ground, pots or window boxes or place on the surface.

This is a list of my favourite pieces to get the best out of your garden.
(To see what crystals we have available to boost your green fingers, please click on the images)

Green Moss Agate.

Known as the Gardeners stone, Green Moss Agate will help you become connected to the earth and nature, and keeps everything more grounded (included you). It also boosts health and vitality to plants and flowers, and pieces look amazing in fairy gardens and succulent gardens. This is also the perfect stone to place within your garden if you’re a beginner, or if you struggle to get a garden started. It carries with it the energy of fertility, abundance and transformation in all living things that are around it. Just having a piece on you whilst tending to your plants, flowers or herbs will be enough to boost plant fertility and overall vigour.

Green Aventurine.
Green Aventurine

This wonderfully green stone helps plants recover from the shock of being moved or transplanted to another area of the garden. The energy from Green Aventurine encourages whatever environment it’s placed in to flourish, making it perfect for plants, and it also boosts the longevity of your garden.

Clear Quartz.

This stone is really beneficial to young plants and flowers as it has an amplifying energy that can stimulate growth. The best place for this stone is in the soil of pots with the roots. This stone works best placed in the soil really close to the plant – if it’s planted too far away or too dee then its benefits won’t be as strong.

Citrine (heat treated or natural).

This stone is wonderful for gardening as it holds the sun’s energy, making it perfect for popping on top of your soil by your plants. It helps clear any negative energies and also helps with regeneration. When placed in the far back left corner of your garden it will invite abundance and wealth within your environment.

Tiger’s Eye.

This wonderful woody-vibed stone is perfect for promoting strong root growth and harmony and success throughout your garden. This stone should never be planted in the soil, it is best off being kept on the surface.

Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz Tumbled
If you’re wanting to grow amazing roses, Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to add to your soil.
It’s the stone of unconditional love, so it will send loving vibes to all your plants to help support them, especially if they’re weak. Place near the roots of any plant that’s struggling.

This stone is extremely magical when it comes to gardens.
Although it’s best not to add it to your plants, or anywhere where it can get wet, having this stone on you will boost not only your gardening abilities, but also the fairy-folk will be extremely happy!
Carry a piece with you when you take a trip to the garden centre and it will help draw you to the perfect plants and flowers for your garden.


If you’re planting using the lunar planting scheme, this is a wonderful stone to have alongside you, as it’s very connected to the moon and its influence. It can also help plants become stronger and develop deeper roots for better support. Moonstone is a symbol of fertility and if you place a piece in your garden overnight, especially under a full moon, your plants will be very happy and gives them a wonderful boost. As it’s a stone for new beginnings, have a piece near you when planting seeds or young plants to ensure it blossoms.

As all crystals come from the earth, you can add any crystal you’re drawn to, not just the ones on my list, especially if it’s just for a visual effect. There’s no going wrong when it comes to gardening with crystals, so have fun experimenting and finding your garden’s vibe.
It’s important to remember when using crystals for your garden that you set intentions by thinking about what you want to get from your garden. That way they’ll be energetically ready for what you hope to accomplish.

As we’re about to start spending more time in the garden, now is the best time to get planting with crystals around you.

What stone are you going to use first?

*don’t forget that I can put bundles together for gifts, so if you’d like any of these put together for the gardener in your life, please get in touch.

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