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    Our August Subscription Box **Spoiler Alert**

    Crystal Subscription box

    It’s August, which means there’s a new Subscription Box! This month’s box is all about getting your dose of Vitamin Sea! I chose this theme for this month because of the wonderful healing effects the sea can have, and the crystals that I’ve chosen match this theme perfectly. Inside this box you’ll find 6 fabulous items, 5 of which have healing vibes! A Blue Calcite pebble. Blue calcite is well known for its gentle and relaxing energy. It gently soothes nerves and lifts anxieties and releases any negative emotions. It also encourages rest and relaxation, which is very important for…

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    Messages for the Week – 25/04/2020

    It’s time for our messages for the week ahead. Look at the image below, then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask quietly “what is my message for the week ahead”, open your eyes and note what number…

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    Messages for the Week – 12/04/2020

    Happy Sunday everyone (and happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating) I hope you’re all continuing to muddle through these challenging times and are staying safe. I’ve not done a card draw for a while, but really felt…

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    Messages for the Week – 22nd March

    Ahh….. Sunday. Probably our last day of “normality” today in the UK. Schools are closed, mass gatherings have been cancelled, theatres, pubs and eateries have been closed….. it’s been a week of just strange events, hasn’t it? But what does…

  • April Crystal Subscription box

    Our April Subscription Box *Spoiler Alert*

    Can you believe it’s time for our next box already? If you’re not wanting to know what’s included in this months box, then DON’T read any further. If you’re desperate to know what we’ve put in the box, then your…

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    Crystals for the Current Climate

    There’s no denying it – we’re in very testing times right now in various parts of the world. So I’ve decided to put together a list of crystals and stones I have available to help us with the current climate.…

  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day will soon be upon us! This year it falls on 22nd March, so it won’t be long… If you have crystal loving caregivers in your life that you want to get a gift for that isn’t based around…

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    Our Messages for March

    What does March hold in store for us? Have a look at the three cards below. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask “what is my message for March?”. When you reopen your eyes, note which number card…