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My top 10 crystals for 2021

Hi everyone, it’s finally made it to 2021!

I’ve decided to make this month’s blog post all about the crystals I really recommend for the year ahead.
Some of these are regular recommendations, while others have been added due to the absolute chaos that was 2020 – clearly we’re still going to be experiencing most of the same, and the new additions will help with some of the trials and tribulations that might come from that.

1, Pyrite.Pyrite

Pyrite is a huge must-have crystal to take with you in to 2021 as it is fabulous at attracting wealth. Working with this stone opens you up to new ways to acquire money, like new career ventures, gifts, and increased earnings. With Pyrite by your side, more money will come your way, but it might not be from where you expect.

Carnelian2, Carnelian.

I’ve added this into the list for 2021 crystals as it provides you with courage and helps release any fears. It lights a fire in your belly and fills you with energy to chase your dreams and boost your confidence.

Aragonite Sputnik3, Aragonite.

This was a very important crystal for us in 2020, as it helps you if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the world news, and guides you into feeling more centred and less anxious.

Danburite4, Danburite.

We’ve not had this crystal in stock for long, but as soon our pieces were delivered I instantly fell in love due to its instant “big hug” vibe. This gorgeous soft pink crystal soothes your nerves and quietens your mind, leaving you feeling safe no matter what’s happening in your life. It will leave you feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cocoon of nurturing love.

Green Aventurine5, Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine will help set you up for a lucky break. This stone makes sure that you are in the right place at the right time, and then it’s up to you to seize the opportunity. Green Aventurine teaches you to say “yes” to everything that has the potential to bring you wealth.

Trolleite6, Trolleite.

This stone is a powerful manifestation stone, so the spiritual properties are most useful during moon rituals, vision rituals and bringing your dreams into reality. When you are planning future goals, hold Trolleite to help inspire ideas and develop plans to implement your visions. Trolleite will actively motivate, inspire, and attract opportunities for you to live your very highest life. It’s also a very soothing stone that lowers stress, anxiety and hypertension and can relieve headaches.

Natural Citrine point7, Natural Citrine.

Natural Citrine is believed to give you a zest for life. With its pure yellow energy, it encourages fullness of life and fresh beginnings.
It hoovers up any negative energy and it will help you get over a stressful day / week / month or year so that you can enjoy your downtime without being distressed by work or life responsibilities. You may also find it helps to smooth family relationships and with understanding and dealing with absorbed impressions from those around us.

Larimar8, Larimar.

Larimar is one of our favourite stones currently as it instantly sends you to a place of calm as soon as you hold or look at a piece. It can help you go with the flow with whatever life throws at you as it gives you the feeling of slowing everything down so that you can catch your breath and clear your mind.

lepidolite9, Lepidolite.

There’s no denying the fact that the number of people with mental health issues has risen after last year, and those of us who have struggled for such a long time may have found that since covid, our mental health has taken a knock in one way or another. Lepidolite is an amazing stone to help deal with those issues, as it contains high levels of Lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication and the treatment of depression. It also provides calm and tranquillity during times of chaos and stress, and encourages self-love.

10, Amethyst.

Last on my list is Amethyst – an amazing all-rounder for your crystal collection.
Amethyst helps you find inner peace, regardless of the noise around you.
With its relaxing and calming energies, Amethyst helps ease away any disturbances, distractions or anything else taking up space in your mind. Acting as a natural stress-reliever, Amethyst purifies your mind of worry, anxiety and all other day-to-day stresses so you can settle into a more tranquil and peaceful state of mind. It emits a spa-like energy of relaxation, which works to soothe your mind, body and spirit.




So there you have it – my top 10 list of crystals to carry with you through 2021.
To find out more about each crystal listed, please click on the images – these will take you directly to all our items.
If none of these are jumping out at you, you can search for specific topics in the search bar and all our crystals that might help will pop up in the results. So if you’re looking for more crystals to help with wealth, money mindset, compassion etc, you’ll be able to find them all. Sometimes the specifics aren’t always typed up in the item description, so if it comes up in the search yet there’s no further info, it will still help. As crystals can help with so many issues, the description would be incredibly long if I typed out everything, so it’s easier for you to find things via the product tags and direct search.

Whatever your hopes and dreams are for 2021, I hope you manage to manifest them into reality, and I hope you’re able to bring the lessons from 2020 into the year ahead to help things run smoother for you.

Love and light (and a shed-load of luck)
Kate xx

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