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Your 2024 Full Moon Calender (UK times) and Easy Rituals

Hello, Moonbeam Souls!

As a certified crystal healer and celestial enthusiast, I’m here to guide you through the enchanting 2024 full moon calendar.
The full moon is a time of heightened energy and cosmic vibes, making it a perfect occasion for crystal healing rituals. Let’s dive into the celestial dance and uncover the secrets of each full moon.

The Dance of the Moon and Its Meaning

The full moon is when the moon is fully illuminated by the radiant sun, bathing us in its ethereal glow. This phase is often associated with heightened emotions, increased intuition, and the perfect time for manifestation and release.
Each full moon of 2024 brings forth unique energies, urging us to align with the cosmic rhythm.

Below is the full moon dates and times for 2024. All times are GMT, so if you’re in a different time zone I’d recommend having a quick check on the internet for your own local full moon times.
You’ll also notice that beside each date is a moon name. The tradition of naming each full moon has its roots in ancient cultures, where celestial events were closely tied to seasonal changes and agricultural cycles. Indigenous people, such as Native Americans, and early civilizations observed the moon’s phases, associating each full moon with distinct natural phenomena. These names were often derived from the behaviours of animals, the blooming of specific plants, or significant events in their surroundings, like the January Wolf Moon which symbolized the wolves’ howling in hunger during winter, while the May Flower Moon was inspired by the blooming flowers marking the arrival of spring. The practice of naming moons served as a way to connect with nature, mark the passage of time, and guide various activities based on the seasonal rhythms—a rich tradition that continues to enchant us today.

2024 Full Moon Dates and Their Cosmic Descriptions (All Times in GMT)

  1. January 25th – Wolf Moon (17.54 GMT): Embrace the spirit of the wolf, representing courage and determination. Release what no longer serves you under this powerful lunar energy.
  2. February 24th – Snow Moon (12.30 GMT): As the snow blankets the earth, let go of the old to make room for new beginnings. Meditate on your inner stillness and clarity.
  3. March 25th – Worm Moon (07.00 GMT): Feel the energy of renewal as the earth begins to thaw. This is a time for growth and transformation.
  4. April 24th – Pink Moon (00.48 GMT): Despite its name, this moon doesn’t turn pink. It’s named after pink wildflowers, symbolizing joy and love. Connect with the love in your life and release negativity.
  5. May 23rd – Flower Moon (14.53 GMT): As flowers bloom, so should your dreams. This moon encourages you to blossom into your true self.
  6. June 22nd – Strawberry Moon (02.07 GMT): Taste the sweetness of life. Reflect on gratitude and amplify positive energy.
  7. July 21st – Buck Moon (11.17 GMT): Channel the energy of the buck – strength and vitality. It’s time to set ambitious goals and charge forward.
  8. August 19th – Sturgeon Moon (19.25 GMT): Dive deep into your emotions and intuition. Seek clarity in your spiritual journey.
  9. September 18th – Harvest Moon (03.34 GMT): Harvest the fruits of your labour. Reap what you’ve sown and celebrate your achievements.
  10. October 17th – Hunter’s Moon (12.26 GMT): Illuminate your path like the harvest moon. It’s time to gather abundance and manifest your desires.
  11. November 15th – Beaver Moon (21.28 GMT): Build the dam of your dreams. Focus on creating a solid foundation for the future.
  12. December 15th – Cold Moon (09.01 GMT): Embrace the stillness of winter. Reflect, rest, and prepare for the New Year.

Cleansing Crystals Under the Full Moon’s Glow

Cleansing your crystals under the full moon is a beautiful and effective ritual. However, not all crystals are water-safe, so it’s crucial to choose the right method for each. Follow these steps for a mindful crystal cleansing:

  1. Know Your Crystals: Check if your crystals are water-safe. Stones like Satin Spar, Malachite, and Pyrite should not get wet, as it may cause damage. If you’re unsure if your crystal is water-safe, err on the side of caution.
  2. Choose the Right Method: For water-safe crystals, place them on a clean surface where they can bask in the moonlight. For non-water-safe crystals, consider alternatives like smudging with sage, using sound vibrations, or placing them near a window to absorb the moon’s energy indirectly.
  3. Set Your Crystals Out: Align your crystals under the moonlight, either directly on the ground or on a table. Allow them to absorb the lunar energy for at least a few hours.
  4. Express Intentions: While placing your crystals, express your intentions for cleansing and recharging. Visualize the moonlight purifying the crystals, resetting their energy.
  5. Retrieve Before Sunrise: To preserve the newly infused energy, retrieve your crystals before the sunrise. This ensures they are saturated with the moon’s magic and ready to amplify your intentions.
  6. Express Gratitude: As you retrieve your crystals, express gratitude for the cleansing and charging process. Acknowledge the moon’s energy and the synergy it brings to your crystal companions.

Moon Magic Rituals

Engaging in intentional practices during a full moon allows us to tap into heightened intuition, gain clarity, and connect with our inner selves. Whether it’s setting intentions, practicing mindfulness, or cleansing energy, the full moon acts as a cosmic spotlight, aiding us in aligning our energies and fostering personal growth. Embracing these rituals under the full moon provides a harmonious connection with the universe, allowing us to harness its transformative energy for our own spiritual journey.

Moonlit Meditation: A Celestial Journey Within
As the full moon graces the night sky, find a quiet space outdoors or sit by a window where moonlight can touch you. Follow these steps for an immersive moonlit meditation:

  • Prepare Your Space: Create a cosy, sacred space. Arrange a comfortable seat and place your chosen crystals around you.
  • Connect with Breath: Close your eyes and take deep, intentional breaths. Inhale positivity, exhale tension. Feel the rhythm of your breath aligning with the cosmic pulse.
  • Visualize the Moon’s Energy: Envision the moonlight descending upon you like a gentle waterfall. Picture it bathing you in its silvery glow, cleansing away any negativity.
  • Set Intentions: With each breath, set positive intentions for the coming weeks. Visualize your goals manifesting under the potent influence of the full moon.
  • Absorb the Energy: Extend your arms or place your hands on your heart, absorbing the moon’s energy. Feel a sense of peace, empowerment, and connection with the universe.
  • Express Gratitude: Open your heart in gratitude for the cosmic guidance. Express thanks for the blessings in your life.
  • Closing: Slowly return to awareness, bringing the moonlit energy with you. When ready, gently open your eyes, feeling refreshed and spiritually charged.

Beginner-Friendly Crystal Ritual: Moonlit Crystal Bath
For those taking their first steps on the crystal path, a simple yet potent ritual awaits. The Moonlit Crystal Bath is an ideal practice for beginners:

  • Select Your Crystals: Choose crystals that resonate with your intentions. Amethyst for calmness, rose quartz for love, or clear quartz for clarity.
  • Cleanse Your Crystals: Before placing them in your bath, ensure your crystals are cleansed. You can use moonlight, saltwater, or sound vibrations for purification.
  • Prepare a Relaxing Bath: Fill your bath with warm water and add a handful of Epsom salts. This not only relaxes your body but also enhances crystal energy conductivity.
  • Intention Setting: Hold your crystals in your hands and set your intentions. Visualize the crystals absorbing the moon’s energy and infusing your bath with positive vibes.
  • Immerse Yourself: Carefully place the crystals in the bathwater. Step into the tub, allowing the moonlit energy to envelop you.
  • Reflect and Recharge: Close your eyes, relax, and soak in the rejuvenating energy. Visualize the crystals working their magic, aligning with your intentions.
  • Closing: When you feel recharged and centred, thank the crystals for their energy. Retrieve them from the water and pat them dry.

In conclusion, the 2024 full moon calendar is a cosmic invitation to dance under the radiant glow of the celestial ballroom. Embrace the energy, perform your rituals, and let the moonlight guide your crystal journey. May your crystals sparkle with lunar magic!

Keep shining bright,

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