Crystals for Spring and the Spring Equinox

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Can you believe it’s March already? I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad to be almost out of the darker days and I’ve loved seeing all of nature start to wake up again!

As we start to move closer to Spring, and it begins to shower us with the feelings of newness, I thought I’d share my top suggestions which are perfect Spring-time crystals.

Crystal eggs are an ancient symbol of fertility, new life, new beginnings and rebirth, which makes them a perfect match for when we swap from the cold of winter, to the joys of spring, bringing with it fresh, green grass, flowers beginning to open up, fluffy bunnies and leaping lambs.

Moss Agate is a wonderful crystal for reconnecting to nature. It can help surround you with prosperity, growth and abundance whilst encouraging inner growth. It’s also a great stone to pop in your gardens or plant pots (you can read more about crystals for gardening here)

As a stone for new beginnings, Chrysoprase is the perfect crystal for this time of year, especially with its spring-like colouring!
If you’re wanting to make a fresh start with something this Spring, keep a piece of Chrysoprase nearby.

As a stone of Mother Nature, Rose Quartz is very nurturing, which will help to connect you to the beauty of the new life that grows around us.

Green Aventurine provides an understanding of nature, making it another great stone to add to your gardens and pots. It also connects to Persephone, who is the goddess of Spring.

Carry that sunshine energy in your pocket, whatever the weather with Citrine (either natural or heat treated). It can light a fire in your belly to help you chase your dreams and those new beginnings.

Sodalite is very good at helping us to clear out old energy, and also offers you support when you’re clearing your space, either inward or within your environment. It can also help provide inspiration when you need it – perfect for when you’re stuck with getting started on that spring-cleaning or new project!

Finally, Amazonite. This is a fab balancing stone, especially when it comes to balancing the energy within the body.

Do you have any spring-time favourite crystals?

If you enjoy creating alters for your crystals and spring-time items, why not add a couple of our yellow or green candles and some seasonal flowers like daffodils or daisies?

If you’d like to read more information on each of the crystals listed, you can do so by clicking the images above.

Thanks for reading!

Love and light,
The Little Crystal Lounge

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