And The Barefoot Baby Witch was born – my journey as a Sun Witch

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And the Barefoot Baby Witch was born.

It’s been a bit of a long process, setting up my witchy social media.

Was I supposed to keep it as part of my personal blog? Was it best to have it separate? To begin with I was absolutely unsure, so I kept my early stages just within my crystal business, with my blog posts detailing my journey being part of the main website. Then more recently I posted on my personal insta page that I was a witch. That I’ve always been a witch. And beyond all else, I was PROUD to be a witch.

But it still didn’t feel like it was the right place to set it all out and document my journey, my witchy loves and my adventures, so I created a little witch nook “just in case”.

Today I renamed that nook, and it became The Barefoot Baby Witch. Which felt absolutely perfect.

Why the Barefoot Baby Witch?

Well, I LOVE to be barefooted at any opportunity, and always have done…. And also I’m still pretty much a baby witch.

I know deep in my heart that I’ve been a witch from before I was 8 years old, but due to being forced to bury it all and conform to fit in and be liked, I’m having to re-learn things I’d put to the back of my broom cupboard, and learn so much more about my witchy path so it feels like I’m still only a baby witch.

I was also told by many people that I wasn’t allowed to walk around barefoot when I was younger because it wasn’t “the done thing” and people would talk and assume the worst of me (blah blah blah) so I lived a life in shoes (well, mainly flip flops – that was my happy medium).
Now I’m in my 40’s, I know I shouldn’t have changed who I was, or what I believed back then (especially seeing as those who bullied me and forced me to conform are now experiencing the highs and benefits of being barefoot and living a free-er life), but I was young and struggling with so much in life that I believed them when I said I’d be liked more if I just acted “normal!”

And whilst I did have some wonderful friends growing up, I was never fully happy. I was never really me. I have lived a life filled with depression and anxiety ever since, and even when I pushed the real me down into the deepest depths, I still never felt like I fitted in.

The silver lining of the world standing still.

So like many others, I spent most of lockdown working on myself and my needs. My word for 2021 was Simple, as I wanted to simplify so many areas of my world, including work and living, and this became the foundation on working on getting to know the real me, what I wanted, what kind of life I wanted to live and the main part was I wanted to be ME.

I wanted to go back to finding that barefooted, potion-making little girl who saw magic in everything from the little daisies on the ground to the fluffy clouds in the sky. I wanted to sit and play with the ants like I did when I was a toddler and not be judged for it (spoiler alert, I have been doing that every summer, and Boe loves doing it too!).

And bloody hell, I’m gonna do it. Because I no longer care what other people think when I do the things that fill my cup. I no longer care if people think I should have shoes on constantly. I no longer care if people think I should hide the things that make me, me. Because I was born this way. I’m not harming anyone by being me. But by not being me, I’m harming myself.

And that isn’t cool.

So The Barefoot Baby Witch is now on your favourite socials like Facebook and Insta, where you’ll find me talking about my life as a sea / crystal /sun / solar / music /eclectic witch, my favourite quotes and so much more and I’d LOVE it if you’d come along for the journey – you never know what you might find out 😉


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