My New Witchy Path – Realising I’m a Sun Witch

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In this week’s #witchywednesday blog post, I’ll be delving deeper into the findings that I briefly shared with you last week (missed it? Catch up here).

As mentioned in the last blog (if you missed it, just click here to read), I joined my witchy friend Emma’s Wise Coven recently, and taking part in her Which Witch activity, I found that I was more than just a sea / kitchen / crystal witch! I was a mix of about 11 different kinds of witches all together! Initially I found this hilarious and highly typical, as I’m sure most of you who know me will agree – I don’t do things the simple way!

I didn’t really think much of it all, and carried on with my day. It wasn’t until the evening after I had my witches’ initiation with Emma a few days later, and I got a very large epiphany. I’d not had an epiphany like this for a long time, and it hit me like a tonne of (floral covered) bricks!

I was a sun witch!

The prospect of being a sun witch didn’t jump out at me before then, but as I sat with what was going around in my head it was like every piece of the jigsaw was slotting into place right in front of my eyes.

It started off with the info on Emma’s workbook on what activities Sun Witches enjoy popping into my head:

  • You love to talk and are very outgoing and extroverted. (I am, but only around the right people. Once I get settled I can talk for days. You may often see a quote shared on my socials about staying close to those who feel like sunshine. That never made sense as to why it was such a memorable quote for me until now).
  • The Summer Solstice is your favourite holiday (this rings true for many reasons, but I love the countdown to summer. I still have very fond memories about May Pole dancing in my junior school, and I’m still sad that it’s no longer such a huge event).
  • If you’re feeling lonely or sad, spending time beneath sun energizes and empowers you (If I’m feeling stressed or sad, sitting in my garden or being outdoors on a sunny day has always made me feel so much calmer and in control, as well as making me feel unstoppable).
  • You’ve never understood why other witches seems so fascinated by the Moon phases. This one I feel needs a lot of explaining…. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the moon and I do have a little moon child in me (can’t sleep / all the feels during a full moon etc), and I know it holds some wonderful magic. BUT I just don’t get it. I have spent so long studying moon phases and what it all means, but it’s never once sunk in. I schedule all the new / full moon reminders to go out on my social pages every month, yet when it comes to my own experiences, I’ve either always forgotten it’s a full moon, or just can’t be bothered to put all my crystals out. I used to put this down to fibro / endo / meno fog, but since the thought of being a sun / solar witch jumped out at me, it feels like it’s just me lol.

The moon thing has always been a bit of a secret issue with me since I started my business, because there’s always so much importance placed on the moon and using them within crystal care or crystal magic, and as much as I tried, it’s never felt “natural” to me. On my socials, you’ll always see tme post full moon reminders such as a moon quote, meme or ritual idea, and in my group, you’ll also find me sharing a deeper moon guidance post made from someone else (Emma is amazing to follow for moon phase info, btw!). I’m always trying to share more information about the moonphases, but I just can’t get my head around it all and it always sounds like I’m trying to talk a foreign language.

For so long, I’ve felt broken because of that, and it really has affected my confidence around work due to feeling like a fraud when I attempt talking about anything serious surrounding the moon. But after my epiphany, I’m clearly not broken, or a fraud, I was just trying to walk along the wrong path.

On a personal level, I also had these “lightbulb” moments on top of those listed above:

  • I adore watching the sunrise / sunsets and through lockdown (and even now) I spend my free time witching live experiences of sunsets and sunrises in other countries.
  • My magic place has always been the sunny corner of our garden and I can happily spend hours sat there.
  • I get distracted by the flowers I grow in said corner every 2 seconds and realise I’ve been off in a trance, or away with the fairies once one of my plants has grabbed my attention.
  • My favourite flowers are sunflowers and daisies (more about that shortly).
  • I’ve spent most of my life in love with the thought of living in or visiting Australia (I’ve just never done anything about it because, spiders and snakes….) and also other hot countries.
  • The sun always makes me feel refreshed and revitalised, and not just by sitting in it. Just seeing the sun dance off surfaces, or shine down on nature gives me enough magic.
  • I’d much rather sit in the sun, being mindful and absorbing every drop of it rather than stay indoors or going on a trek.
  • I need to be barefoot as much as possible through the summer months. This was another thing I had to change when I was younger, because walking around everywhere in bare feet was such a huge no-no, apparently. I obviously never went into businesses with no shoes on, but would feel so much more confident walking along the street with no shoes or socks on. Plus I can run faster and less “mum-like” with nothing on my feet.
  • I love waking up at 4am on a summers morning, flinging the curtains and window open to try and get as much of that sunshine feeling as possible.
  • Crystals, in my opinion look better in the sunlight and letting them absorb sun magic (responsibly) makes them even more magical. I’m even more drawn to heat treated amethyst than natural Citrine :O yep, I said it, and I can hear so many of you gasping in horror lol.
  • I struggle really badly with the season change from Summer to Autumn, but that eases as soon as I see all the warm, Autumnal colours and surround myself with them (and pop the heating on, naturally lol).

But the biggest and most impressive part of all, is that during the summer months, I am always 100% fibro pain free, yet in the colder, darker months I’m in constant agony. Before now I’ve always thought that to be just completely strange and that I must have been misdiagnosed or something, but even that seems to make total sense now! I also have to have regular heat through the colder months and Ben is always moaning at me because I constantly boost the heating, or need a hot water bottle to ease my pains and also make me feel better. But in the summer months I’m always out “baking my legs” to ease any fibro pain or pre-empt it arriving – but maybe this was my natural pain relief and power source all along!

A few days after this new witch revelation, Emma pulled a Rune stone for me during a rune stone info session in her group. It was the Dagaz ᛞ rune which is the rune of transformation. Its meaning is daylight / dawn and it can mean there’s a major change in direction (a new dawn). Darkenss is behind you because a new day has begun. It’s associated with light and the strength of the sun, and its main message is that the divine light is guiding me towards my goal, and I’m well protected by the power of the light and the sun – it will give you clear vision to avoid dangers, but don’t be blinded by possible outside egos. I think that just seeled the deal for both of us at the time!

Go now, run wild, barefoot and free!

Another “OMG!” moment was my best life vision board. Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time working with Amie @ Amie Crews Coach, and earlier this year one of our group activities was to put together a vision board for living our best life, and at the time, so many things were shouting out at me, which sounded like they made sense and were huge things screaming at me, but it also felt completely random as I put it all together. It’s been on my wardrobe door so that I see it every morning ever since, but since this revelation, that vision board makes absolute sense now!

I’ll be sharing the thought process behind it all over the next few weeks as the messages on it are so empowering to my journey that I felt they needed their own blog entry, but here it is in all its glory, with everything based around one word – simple!

I’m sure there’s many more things that point to me being a sun / solar witch, but these are early days into my journey on my new path, so I’m sure there’s more to be noticed. Even whilst typing this post up I keep going back and adding more to the list!

But all this excites me…. I have a new level of understanding about myself and I feel so much more settled and content and normal now. There’s still a long way to go in finding out and understanding what it all means, and it’s made harder by the lack of sun / solar witch info on the web (I mean, why the heck is that – where are all the sun witches at?) so I’m sure I’ll just be winging it and taking each day as it comes, but I’m cool with that! And it’s only really been a week…..

Catch ya next week for more #witchywednesdays

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  • Angela

    Well I don’t think anyone can doubt your attraction to the sun after reading that 🌞
    I’m very happy for you, I can feel your excitement about all of it while I’m reading 😊

  • Emma

    Oh my goodness! I am loving EVERYTHING about this post and I can certainly see now why the Sun holds such a special meaning for you 🥰

    I’m giddy with excitement, not a patch on yours, but it’s all so exciting!

    I’m back on the research wagon this weekend, I’m on a mission to find more sun Witch info! Xxx

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