Today I am a witch!

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Today I am a witch.

That was the first thing I wrote after my initiation into witch life through The Wise Coven.

I am a witch. I’ve always known I am a witch, as I was the girl who sat in the garden in a self-made Saturday club making potions from grass, flowers and water, walking around in bare feet, sitting and playing with the ants from my toddler stage, seeing spirits, knowing and feeling what people are knowing and feeling before they’ve even opened their mouth, collecting pebbles and stones from beaches because they felt magical…. The list goes on. But due to being told from a very young age that I had to constantly change my behaviours etc to “fit in” and be accepted, that part of me had soon become invisible.

But after I had Boe, something within me changed. I craved the life I’d left behind just to please others. I wanted to be away from the drama that had followed me through life. I wanted a simple life, a happy life, a calm life. I craved to be the real me. I felt I really deserved that life.

So my crystal journey began, well, restarted, when I was struggling with PPD and PPA but getting no support or professional help, and I dug out my trusty rose quartz (which I’d put away after using it through my IVF cycle for Boe) and I embraced the healing, I relearned all my crystal knowledge and took healing courses and the rest is history.
I’d begun resonating with the crystal witch kind of life.

My love for the sea has never gone away. You can’t live in south Devon and not love the sea in some way, and it was my happy place both in the summer months and a stormy winter’s night. The sound of the waves ebbing and flowing became my base for deep breathing, the clouds held my thoughts during meditation and it was also where I drifted away to as part of my hypnobirthing when I was in labour. I felt recharged each time I was able to sit and watch the sun dance on the waves, with the warm sand between my toes. I’ve always loved the beach, so when I realised I had a little bit of sea witch in me, it came as no surprise.

Slowly but surely, my inner witch was rising, but I’d always felt a little lost. The people in my life weren’t on the same path as me, and I grew up in a place where witches were seen as bad. Not bad as in evil, but they weren’t exactly portrayed as good.

Then a few weeks ago, one of the authors who I’d got to know on social media told me she was planning to launch a coven group on Facebook, which would be a safe space for witches to hang out, and learn and understand a little more about witchcraft. This group came along at the most perfect time for me and I signed up because I felt like the right time and the right group to re-find my inner witch, to nurture her and to fall in love with her again.

But I wasn’t expecting to experience what I experienced so quickly after joining!

Emma had put together a few freshers week activities for us, and one of those was to have a look into which witch we were. As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve always thought I was a mix of sea and crystal witch, but after reading through her list and descriptions of various other witches, I found I was a mix of around 11 different types! I don’t resonate with them all as much as the sea and crystals, but it was like I was creating a recipe, with a sprinkle of this, a pinch of that, a dash of this one….. it was all very exciting! One of the witchy types that I resonated with is a biggy though and it’s already changed my outlook on life, and has slotted so many other things together, and this new chapter in my blog will document my journey into accepting this new path and learning more about it all.

I’ll be blogging regularly about my journey back to witchy life as I’ve found it all very exciting so far, so I’m hoping you join me each week. Well, I’ll try and keep this blog story as a weekly thing, but if there’s nothing to report, I’ll not just be blogging for the sake of it just to make google analytics / seo happy 😉 I’ll not be sharing any of the information shared in the Wise Coven as it’s a paid for group, and it wouldn’t be very fair on Emma. But you can find her over on Instagram. What I will be sharing is my own findings, thoughts and parts of my process.

#witchywednesdays begin now!
The Little Crystal Lounge


  • Emma

    Wow, oh wow!!!

    I’m in tears reading this – happy, happy tears of joy!

    I’m always excited to hear how a Witch begins her path and yours has such a beautiful beginning that truly touched my heart.

    But to hear that you have found inspiration within my little group, that makes my heart swell. Thank you, so very much.

    I’ll be returning week after week to read your continued adventures and I truly cannot wait to see you achieve the fantastic heights that I know you can!

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