How Often Should I Cleanse my Crystals?

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This week for our #tuesdaytips, I’m going to be answering a very common question.

I get asked this question quite regularly by those who are just starting out on their crystal journey, and as it’s such an important part of crystal care, I thought I’d turn my answer into a mini blog for everyone else who might have the same question, and put it in a place where people can refer back to it as and when they need to.

So this weeks question is:

How often do I need to cleanse my crystals?

When you should cleanse your crystals is always a good way time to practice listening to your intuition.

As a general rule, it’s always best to cleanse any new crystals when you get your new items home, and before you use them, to clear them of any energies that they may have picked up on thier journey.
Other than this, the rest is up to you, how much time you have available, how many crystals you have in your collection and how your crystals feel when you hold them. You can make it as simple or as “decorated” as you like.
If they’re feeling sluggish or dull, it may be a sign that they need a bit of a refresh. Once you start listening to your intuition when it comes to crystals, you’ll realise just how often they “talk” to you. You may find some crystals need cleansing once a week, or more, or just when the mood takes you.
If you’re using a crystal regularly, I’d recommend cleansing them before and after each use.
This is when Satin Spar / Selenite bowls or cleansing plates come in handy, as you can pop your crystals on them at the end of the day and they’ll be ready for you again by the morning. You can hold them over incense for a quick cleanse, or you can go that extra mile and craft your own mass cleansing ritual alongside the moon phases, solstice or equinox (I’ll be sharing more information on these over the next couple of weeks).
Crystals which are opaque, like Malachite will need cleansing more often than others as they absorb more negative energy. The more clearer the crystal, like Clear Quartz, elevate energy into a higher frequency, so they don’t need cleansing as often as they don’t hold on to too much negativity.
But any time is a good time to show your crystals some love, so make sure you set aside some time regularly to show them a little bit of TLC.
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