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Does Crystal Size Matter When it Comes to Crystal Healing?

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Does size matter when it comes to using crystals for healing?


I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I’d turn it into a mini-blog post for everyone to read.

Larger pieces do obviously make more of a statement, but if a smaller piece finds its way to you, then don’t worry, as a lot of smaller crystals do pack a punch.
Crystals such as Moldivite, Black Obsidian and Herkimer Diamonds can be very small, but anyone who’s come into contact with a real Moldivite (there’s lots of fakes on the market, so be careful when shopping for a piece!) will tell you that it gives off a pretty strong energy for its size!

Larger sized crystals and stones can be less portable, which can restrict how, where and when we work with them. Smaller crystals like tumbled stones are perfect for on the go healing, wearing as jewellery or making elixirs, meditating with or creating crystal grids.

But the answer to whether size matters with crystals isn’t as simple as yes or no, as there are lots of important factors to consider.

Energy and vibration can overlap, but the energy in a crystal is part of its characteristics, which won’t change no matter what size it is, and the vibration of a crystal is the frequency that the crystal emits its energy.
This is what makes smaller crystals perfect for jewellery or to carry in your pocket, whereas the larger crystals are more suited for a room in your home or office.

Rose Quartz will always be a stone with the energy of unconditional love, no matter what the size, but if you’re wanting a more personal use, smaller stones will be best as they’ll be able to remain within your auric field where they work best. If you’re wanting to boost the love in your home, a larger version will be best as the vibrational level will be higher, so it will reach more areas of the room.

There’s a secret and magickal ingredient needed when it comes to crystal healing though – YOU!

Attraction is more important than size. If you’re drawn to smaller pieces of Amethyst, then that is what will work best for you.
Creating a relationship with your crystals is a lot about how they make you feel.

The size of a crystal doesn’t impact its energy. Whenever you’re drawn to a piece and the vibration aligns with your own, that’s when the magickal healing begins.
The more you work with a certain crystal, the more connected you’ll become energy-wise, which is why size doesn’t really matter – what matters is what you’re drawn to, what you do with your crystal and how you work with it. A large crystal left for months in your drawer will be less powerful than the crystal you work with and hold daily, because YOU and your energy / vibration are what makes a crystal powerful.

That being said, the shape of your crystal does change how it shares it’s energy – a cluster will emit its energy like a discoball, filling every corner and area of the space it’s in, and a pyramid’s energy will fire out from its point.

We talk about crystal shapes and their meanings regularly over in our Facebook group, so if you’d like to learn more, click here to join.

What do you find when it comes to your crystal collection? Have you got any “Power stones”? Share your experiences in the comments, and let us know if you have any small but mighty crystals in your collection.

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