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Should other people touch your crystals?

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How do you feel about others touching your crystals? Do you love seeing other people embrace your favourite pieces or does the thought of them being handled by others give you the heebies?

Personally, I’m ok with Boe handling my personal collection, but not so much Ben. I’m not 100% sure why, as they’re both important members of my family and we all live in the same house. Maybe it’s because I know the magic which can happen when children and crystals meet? Or maybe it’s just a mind over matter situation 🤔

Allowing others to touch your personal crystal collection is very much a personal choice as there’s no right or wrong answer, unless you live in a culture which views crystals as sacred items. If they’re used for ceremonies and rituals, only the celebrant is allowed to touch them.

But what about any negative energy?

Some people worry about another person’s “negative” or “bad” energy rubbing off onto the crystal, leaving it “contaminated”, but someone else holding one of your crystals could also mean that they then develop a deeper liking for them. They might find some kind of connection, pulling them into the crystal world alongside you when they weren’t previously, so sometimes it’s good to share.

Crystals are highly intelligent so can recalibrate their energy accordingly, and you can always give them a quick cleanse afterwards if you’re worried about them after they’ve been held by someone else.
If you aren’t too happy to share your crystals, you could also let the person keep the crystal after they’ve held it, or if you don’t want others to touch them, you are well within your right to request they don’t.

It’s important to do what feels right for you, and the vibe you get from the person.
Let your intuition guide you at that moment.

Cleansing your crystals after they’ve been touched.

If someone has touched a crystal and you weren’t ok with it, here’s my three favourite “quick cleansing” practices:
Pop the crystal(s) on a Satin Spar Selenite cleansing plate or bowl – this crystal is fabulous for cleansing crystals.
Holding the crystal in the smoke from incense for a few minutes. My favourite to use is Dragon’s Blood, as it’s very good at cleansing.
Pop your crystals out in the sunshine for an hour or two. Some crystals can fade when in direct sunlight, so only use this method sparingly, and don’t leave them out all day.

What side of the fence do you sit on. Do you enjoy others coming into contact with your pieces or would you prefer them to admire them from afar? Let me know in the comments.

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