The Worry Kit

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Times are a bit hairy right now, and there’s changes happening all over the place with all sorts, and I’ve really been feeling it all lately especially with the return to schools / work etc, so I thought I’d put together a little worry kit.

This kit is perfect for both children and adults.

Each kit contains a bag of 6 Worry Dolls (available in Teal or Dark Pink – if you’d rather a specific colour please get in touch)
A tumbled Rose Quartz
A tumbled Lepidolite
A tumbled Green Fluorite
A tumbled Sodalite

Legend has it that Worry Dolls help ease what’s playing on your mind. You tell your worries to your worry dolls, pop them in their little bag and in a few hours they’d have eased your worries by taking them away or giving you the tools to work through whatever is playing on your mind. Each Worry Doll keyring comes with teo Worry Dolls. Colours may vary – if there’s a particular colour you’d like from the image in the gallery please get in touch – if it’s still in stock then we#ll be able to make sure you get that colour in your order.
Lepidolite is one of the most effective crystals for relieving stress and anxiety. It contains Lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication and it brings balance during stressful periods when we feel emotionally overwhelmed or excessively worried.
I’ve included Sodalite in this bundle as it’s a very good stone for helping with communication. If you or your child find it hard to talk about what’s worrying you, then this stone will help you to speak out in a calm and confident way. It’s also good for calming the mind and easing panic attacks.
Green Fluorite is a wonderful stone to help with worry and anxiety and a lot of other emotions that run alongside them. It helps keep you calm and cool-headed through everyday life.
Rose Quartz is a much needed crystal for when we’re feeling worried or stressed. When we’re stressed it can be hard to remember to care for ourselves. We may also increase the negative inner voice. Rose Quartz reminds us to take a little “me time” and be kind to ourselves. It’s good for promoting self-love and emotional harmony, which we all need during times of worry and stressful situations.

You’ll also receive a mini guide on how to use your kit, healing benefits of each crystal and instructions on how to care for your crystals. You’ll also gain access to our cutomer-only Facebook group where crystal support and guidance is shared along with other perks like exclusive sales, competitions and first dibs on new stock.

Please note that the crystals in each bundle wiill vary in shape, colour and size due to their natural appearance.
PLEASE KEEP SMALL CRYSTALS AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREN AS THEY LOOK VERY SWEET-LIKE AND CAN BE A CHOKING HAZARD. Keep them out of reach on a shelf or tie the organza bag so they can’t open it.


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