Red Hematoid Puff Heart – Boxed

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Red Hematoid is a wonderfully grounding crystal as it carries the stabilizing energies of Hematite, which is then amplified by the healing vibrations of Quartz.
It’s a crystal that helps dissolve any imbalances and negativities in your life, leaving you free to enjoy a more balanced and harmonious energy.

It helps calm and quieten the mind, giving you time to properly process any problems and find simple and effective ways to deal with them. You may also find your willpower and self-esteem will be boosted, as well as your self-worth and self-confidence.

Red Hematoid will also help you relax when things begin to get stressful, and it will help you remain focused so that you can accomplish all your goals and complete any tasks. It will give you the assurance to accept the challenges that come your way and emerge victoriously and will attract all kinds of prosperous energies and reward your efforts with good luck and good fortune.

This item is sold individually and comes in a gift box. It measures approx 5.5cm.

The stand in the images are also available here.

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