Crackled Quartz (Fire and Ice) Polished Points

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These cracked Quartz points are just fabulous. Due to all their cracks they also hold some glorious rainbows inside them which pop out when they’re hit by the sun. I had a terrible job trying to capture all the rainbows in each piece as there’s so many, but hopefully you can see the ones I did manage to snap.

Quartz is known as the Master Healer – it can mimic healing benefits of any other crystal and can help with any issue or complaint set.

It lightens up, brightens up and powers up our days with its rainbow rays of magic – very simply, this is an essential crystal for everyone and everywhere.

If you’re ever unclear about what you want, Quartz will give you clarity. Working with Quartz will help you to drown out noise so that you can get crystal clear on what you really, truly want. It allows you to rise above erratic thoughts, insecurities, or confusion. With a clear state of mind it helps you strengthen your connection to your truest, highest self. From this aligned state of being, you can work with Quartz to programme your mind to bring what you want to life.

Use your intuition when deciding how and where to use Quartz, as it will definately guide you to what it wants.
(please don’t place any Clear Quartz pieces in direct sunlight as it can at times become a fire hazard, especially on a hot summer’s day)

Each point measures approx 2.5 inches.
Item 1: 165g
Item 2: 122g

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