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Clear Quartz is a must-have crystal for any collection.

It allows you to lighten up, brighten up and powers up every area of your life with its crystal magic.
This crystal runs the modern world – clocks wouldn’t tick with precise timing without tiny pieces of this crystal, and our beloved tech toys wouldn’t exist without Quartz’ electricity-conducting skills.

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer in the crystal world because of its ability to smplify, store, focus, transform and transmit energy. It’s an easily programmable personal magic tool and it also amplifies the effects of all other crystals it comes into contact with, as well as clearing them of any stagnant energies.

If you’re needing clarity in your life, Clear Quartz is the best crystal to carry with you. Working with this crystal will help to drown out any noise so that you can get crystal clear on what you truly want. It helps you see yourself and your path more clearly when things get foggy and you aren’t sure what direction to go in, and when you feel lost, unsure, and misguided, reach for your Clear Quartz to get the clarity you need.

You can draw its energy towards you or away from you by changing the direction of the point. It’s the perfect shape for focusing on specific intentions, healings and desires.

Points measure approx 3-5cm


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