Lithium Quartz Point

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Lithium Quartz is the sister crystal to Lepidolite, and both contain Lithium, which is used in medications for anxiety and other mental health issues, making this a magical addition to your holistic mental health toolbox.

Lithium Quartz helps to activate energies to move and transform, while still maintaining a stablizing vibration overall, which makes it wonderful for lifting those anziety-filled or depressive vibrations away from your aura. It’s powerful healing energies gently lift the conditions underlying the depression to the surface, neutralizing ancient anger and grief. It has the ability to reach back into past lives to dissolve the roots of the emotional dis-ease that is in your present life.

This crystal also helps to strengthen your sense of compassion for both yourself and everyone around you, which helps you to maintain grace towards yourself and everyone you meet. Lithium Quartz gently reminds you that everyone is doing their best, especially you!

Lithium Quartz is an excellent cleanser for the chakras and is extremely useful as a healer for animals and plants.

This point was born in Brazil.
It connects to your heart and crown chakras.
Measures approx 6cm


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