Desert Rose

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This crazy little crystal is Desert Rose.

Desert Rose is a unique, natural crystal formation, formed by a mix of water, wind and sand.

It carries the energies of protection, prosperity and energy purification and is believed to be a stone of confidence, strength and perseverance.

You’ll need Desert Rose in your life because it will give you clarity of the mind and will give you energy to fulfill your roles and achieve your goals. If you’re going through something that’s causing you confusion, the healing energies of Desert Rose will help you make sense of things. It’s also an excellent stone for meditation as it will guide you in connecting to your higher self and reaching a deaper meditative state.

Desert Rose will also provide you with balance and focused calm, making this the perfect crystal for desks, workspaces and anywhere else you may need access to clarity, focus and concentration. It vibrates with a unique aligning blend of root and crown chakra energies, creating a simultaneously grounding and uplifting vinration which anyone who’s near it can tap into.

If you’re suffering from grief, especially miscarriage or the death of a family member or pet, Desert Rose will offer you comfort and support.

Many men and young boys resonate with this crystal due to it holding a quiet strength on masculine energies. A Desert Rose can be a wonderfully grounding and supportive crystal for the guys in your life.

This item is sold individually and comes in two sizes.
Small approx 1″
Large approx 1.5-2″
You can select which size you’d like to order by using the dropdown selector.
** This stone is sensitive to liquids, so please make sure you keep it away from any places where it might get wet or damp **

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