Clear Quartz Moons

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Clear Quartz lightens, up, brightens up and powers up – and these moons do exactly that!

Clear Quartz literally runs our modern world – it’s in our clocks and watches, our TVs and our mobiles thanks to its electricity-conducting skills, and quite simply it’s the stone for anyone and everyone.

Clear Quartz is the master healer in the crystal world due to its ability to super-charge the effects of all other crystals around it and it can also clear them from any stagnent energy. It can also be programmed to help with any issue you may be struggling with.

When you’re unclear what you want in life, Clear Quartz is the crystal to spend time with. It can give you clarity on your goals and ambitions and with a clear state of mind you’ll strengthen your connection to your truest, highest self and be able to bring what you want to life. You’ll be able to see your path more clearly when you are foggy and don’t know which direction to take and for all those times when you feel lost, unsure and misguided, reaching for Clear Quartz will get you the clarity you need.

Perfect for new / full moon rituals, this crystal can amplify and charge your intentions and it can also be used for healing, enhancing meditations and dreams, protection, chakra balancing, connecting with spirit guides and angels, attracting abundance, boosting confidence and so much more.

Each moon is individually listed so that you can pick the piece you resonate with the most. They measure approx 5cm each and comes in a gift box.

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