Clear Quartz Generator with Smoky Phantoms

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These polished generators honestly give off the most amazing vibes!

Clear Quartz is well known as being the master healer and it can be used to help with any issue or condition. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and it’s excellent for removing any blockages.
You’ll find it running most of the modern world through watches, TV’s, laptops, medical equipment, radios and so many more items.

It lightens up, brightens up and powers up all who come into contact with her and it can help you if you’re unclear about what you want in life. It allows you to rise above any erratic thoughts, insecurities and confusion, taking you to a more elevated state. It then helps you strengthen your connection to your truest, highest self, leaving you to zero in on what you truly want.

But on top of all that, these points also have the wonderful healing benefits from Smoky Quartz as well!

Smoky is a very grounding and protecting stone.

It has much the same cleansing magic as Amethyst, but where Amethyst goes high, Smoky goes deep. It will quickly move negative energies out of your space and aura and sending them back down into the earth for grounding.

It will also help you to realise that challenges are opportunities to transform – the universe won’t be against you, it’s just giving you a nudge to try and do things differently.
Smoky can also help reduce pain, especially chronic pain and can enhance well-being, and it the perfect crystal to have by the side of your bath if you need a relaxing soak.

If you’re wanting help in letting go of the things that no longer serve you, Smoky is the perfect stone to work with. When you are able to let go of beliefs and behaviours that don’t have a positive purpose, you’re able to make room for the things that do. Smoky helps you to clear stale, heavy energy and let in fresh new energy instead. If you’re experiencing feelings of anger, fear, jealousy or guilt, in a toxic relationship or frendship, going through a divorce or trying to control things that are outside of your control, then Smoky Quartz can help you break free and move towards a life filled with joy, positivity and light.

And due to Clear Quartz’ ability to magnify the benefits of other crystals, this brings a wonderful energy from those Smoky phantoms.

Generators are crystals with 6 facets that all meet in one point. They’re fabulous for amplifying energy and they make great centerpieces for grids to manifest intentions.

Each generator is listed individually, so you can order the piece you’re most drawn to. To select the item you want to order, just use the item dropdown selector. Please note that once an item has sold, I’ll not be able to replace it due to the pattern, size and shape of the items.
1: weighs 144g / approx 7.5cm
2: weighs 174g / approx 7cm

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1 review for Clear Quartz Generator with Smoky Phantoms

  1. Zara Pereira (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my beautiful crystals and can instantly feel the soothing vibrations from this one. I can see me spending alot of time with this for a while. Wish I had brought one sooner. As always communication with Kate is fantastic and can never fault the excellent service she delivers xx

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