Sunstone Tumbled

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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Sunstone helps you to love yourself unconditionally and reminds you to keep a healthy balance between adult demands and having fun. It’s perfect for giving you a boost of joyful living every day and if you suffer from Seasonal Affetive Disorder, this stone will help lift your mood and ease depressive symptoms due to being one of the best anti-depressants in the crystal healing world. Call on its healing powers during your darkest hour and get a mental vacation from the daily stresses of every day life.

This fabulous peachy stone helps to clear all the chakras and brings in light and energy. You’ll find that it allows your real self to shine through happily.

It’s also a great stone for helping to spice up your sex life. It helps inspire creativity in the bedroom – it helps you to relax and to remember that sexual intimacy is meant to be enjoyed.
Because Sunstone carries the energy of the sun, it’s all about the heat. Its spicy vibe emits sexuality, reduces your inhibitions and enhances your sex life.

As always our crystals are fully cleansed before being posted.

This product is sold individually and each piece measures approx 3-4cm

1 review for Sunstone Tumbled

  1. hannahthewlis (verified owner)

    In this miserable weather this crystal makes me feel happy. Lovely!

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