Fuchsite Polished Point

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Fuchsite is a light-hearted and uplifting stone. It will revitalize you and remind you to have fun. It’s easy to get caught up in routines and responsibilities but we all need a balance of work and play.

Fuchsite is a stone of new beginnings and optimism. When this stone is around, know that everything will be ok and that the universe has your back. Fuchsite will remind you that things will get better.

This crystal encourages you to be creative and reminds you that you’ll find inspiration when you’re embracing all life has to offer. It is a sociable stone that can give you the confidence to go out and meet new people.

Fuchsite is particularly helpful for “the identified patient” within a family or group on whom dis-ease and tension is projected. The “patient” becomes ill or addicted on behalf of the family. When they want to become well, the family often puts pressure on them to to remain “ill” or dependent. Fuchsite gives the identified patient the strength to find wellness and withdraw from the family conflict. Fuchsite also overcomes codependency and emotional blackmail and it imparfts resilience after trauma or emotional tension.

A gentle heart crystal connected to the elemental kingdom of fairies, nature angels and earth spirits, Fuchsite helps channel wisdom from the fairy realm, especially insights relating to plants, herbal remedies and holistic healing.
Shimmering Fuchsite makes a perfect gift for the gardeners in your life, and is a wonderful addition to your personal gardening tool kit to increase your green fingers and connection to plants and nature.

Whilst this isn’t a stone to place directly into planters or gardens as it is damaged by sunshine and water, Fuchsite adds a dose of fairy magic to nature-themed adventuring, whether you’re out camping in the wild or shipping in your local garden centre for plants.
You may also find that this stone is very helpful for connecting to plant-based healing.

Fuchsite’s distinctive sparkle comes from being a variety of Mica, a flaky mineral that creates the shimmer in cosmetics.

If you find Fuchsite’s energy to feel slightly ungrounded or ‘flaky’, try Ruby in Fuchsite, it’s grounded cousin, as an alternative.

Measures approx 6.5cm


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