Danburite Pieces

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These gorgeous Danburite pieces are just over-flowing with a tranquil and gentle energy that will inspire you to go with the flow. It has the most softest pink colouring that I’ve ever seen, helping you feel comforted and warm inside.

When you work with Danburite you’ll soon begin to feel held and supported, as it soothes your nerves and quietens your mind, leaving you feeling safe no matter what’s happening in your life. It will leave you feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cocoon of nurturing love.
Its energy is very “motherly”, and it’s a very important crystal for those who have never experienced or received enough loving care in either childhood or adulthood, and it’s also a very wonderful stone for those going through the loss of a parent.

This is an excellent stone for when you’re going through deep changes and trying to leave the past behind, as well as smoothing the path ahead, sending your soul in a new direction.

Danburite is also a very highly spiritual stone, which carries a very pure vibration and it can help link you to the angelic realms. If you wear a piece of Danburite, it will provide you with a link to eternal wisdom, and when used in meditation it will help you to access inner guidance.

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Please note that once an item is sold, I won’t be able to get that same piece back in stock, only an alternative which may differ in size, shape and colour.

Item 1-3 measure approx 2.5″ each
Item 4-6 measure approx 2″ each

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