Caribbean Calcite Spheres

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Although Caribbean Calcite originates from Pakistan – far from the waters of the Caribbean – it’s obvious why it has such a vacation-vibed name; stare into it’s beachy swirls and you’ll instantly feel like you can relax a bit more.

One of the newest members of the Calcite family, this stone was found in 2019, so much of it’s healing benefits is still quite unknown, but it’s certain that this is a mini vacation in a crystal! It’s a wonderful stone to meditate with and when it’s kept next to your bed it can help with gaining an inhanced perspective of your dreams and it can also aid you with astral travel.

Sphere 1 (blue / brown) measures approx 6cm and weighs 337g
Sphere 2 (blue / grey) measures approx 6cm and weighs 306g
Both spheres come with a free clear sphere stand (as shown in the images)

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1 (blue / brown), 2 (blue / grey)


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