Blue Celestite Cluster Hearts

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Blue Celestite is a wonderfully calming stone, and these hearts are no exception.

One of the most soothing and peace-filled crystals, Celestite is amazing at calming stress and anxiety.
If you struggle with over-thinking everything, having this crystal around will help you transform those tendencies of over-analysing everything. It’s also the perfect crystal to work with when life takes over and your stress levels are at their highest, as it will encourage you to ask for help instead of trying to handle everything alone.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, Celestite is the perfect crystal to have by your bed. Its energy is as soothing and serine as its appearance, and its gentle, calming energy will help to send you into a deep sleep, yet at the same time, its ice-like quality can pierce through heavy, dense or dark energy which can prevent peaceful sleep.
When stress, worry, fear or any other negative state of mind prevents you from drifting off to sleep, Celestite will be your confort crystal. It emits a reassuring energy that helps you feel safe and secure  by canceling out stress and tension.

Popping a cluster on your desk will provide workday inspiration and creative breakthroughs, as well as helping you lighten up on your self-limiting habits.

Celestite is certainly a gift sent from heaven, with its angelic magic and direct line to angelic realms.

Piece 1: measures approx 7.5cm / 3 inches at its widest point.
Piece 2: measures approx 7cm at it’s widest point.

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