Monthly Messages – March 2021

Hi everyone,

As today is about messages for the month ahead, I’ve used a different deck to our weekly messages. Each of the cards has a message for us, which you can read below. I’ll also put a blog link at the end so that you can read more about your cards if you wish to.

To find your message for March:
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask “What’s my message for the month ahead?”, then look at the cards below – what card are you drawn to the most? Keep scrolling to find out the message behind the card(s) you were drawn to.


Card one: Protection Guardian. Drop your shields.
Drop any shields of shame, resistance and fear that are standing between you and your chances of enjoyment and fun. Know that you don’t need to hide who you are or the gifts that you have. You were born to shine.

You may have encountered shame or embarrassment in your past, but that is not your present. Angels are drawing close at this time to help you move beyond your limiting thoughts, emotions and patterns that may be making you feel unsafe. Know that angelic protection is swirling around you at this moment and will help you move forward in a more fearless way. Call on your guides for help in changing frequency so you can feel safe and protected at this time. You are stronger than you think, and your angels and ancestor guides are here to help you realize this now.

About the card: The Protection Guardian is a feminine version of Archangel Michael. She is a fierce, protective yet loving warrior angel who carries an indestructible shield of power and protection and will come to all who call on her. She will help you drop your fear-based shields and move into a loving, protective force-field that will keep you safe but will allow your gifts to shine out. Although she is here to guard you from lower energies, she is completely relaxed, serene and confident, because she trusts that love will always prevail.

Card two: Spirit Fox. Trust your talents in changing times.
Stay alert, as change is in the air.

The energies around you are changing at this time, and although it may not always be comfortable, you are equipped with all that you need to survive this shift. You are being presented with opportunities to reach spaces you’ve never encountered before, and this can make you feel on edge, but be open to the shifts occurring, because they really are the answers to your prayers. The experience of being hunted or threatened is now behind you and you are being invited to come out from your den and reveal your glory and talents. Call upon Spirit Fox medicine to help you be seen for who you are and trust in your talents in order to be the best you can be in these changing times.

About the card: The Spirit Fox card features the red fox, an amazingly resilient creature able to survive in urban environments or the freezing temperatures of the Arctic. Foxes know what it’s like to be hunted – for centuries they have been sought for their precious fur when all they want to do is survive, so the Spirit Fox can help you overcome the energies of adversity and unfair treatment. Also, as urban foxes hide in cities and go about their business in the darker hours, the Fox offers the medicine of blending in.

Card three: Sun. Enjoy success and happiness.
Know that the doors are opening for you. Follow up new projects, ventures and ideas. Connect with the inner fire that is driving you forward.

You are being surrounded by the brightness of the Sun at this time. Opportunities to feel and be successful are swirling and dancing around you. Relationships and friendships progress with joy and you will feel happy and uplifted. If you’re not somewhere bright and sunny right now, there will be other ways in which you can enjoy warmth and joy. Solar energy brings health and vitality and can energize and warm, and it also encourages everything to grow. The energy of expansion is with you at this time and you are being offered the perfect opportunity to move forward. If you want to bring something to life or are ready to take a new step in a relationship, the Sun will bring the right energy to you. If you are asking a question, the answer is most definitely YES!

About the card: The Sun has long been associated with the energy of success – it’s the most powerful planet in the solar system (solar is referring to the sun), so of course when the Sun card appears in a reading it will bring power, success and light. It brightens up all connections, banishes darkness, brings a sense of youthfulness and invites you to connect to the energy of joy so that you can be light in spirit and heart.

So those are your messages for March – did any part of your message resonate with you? Let me know in comments if they did J

The cards used today are Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray, which are available here.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part today – I hope you all have a bright and vibrant month ahead <3

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