Messages for the Week – 12/04/2020

Happy Sunday everyone (and happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating)
I hope you’re all continuing to muddle through these challenging times and are staying safe.

I’ve not done a card draw for a while, but really felt compelled to do one for this week.

To start with, find a quiet place to sit for a couple of minutes (if that’s at all possible). Look at the cards below and then close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and ask “what is my message for the week ahead?”. Open your eyes and note which card you’re drawn to first. Then continue reading to see what your angels and ancestors are trying to tell you this week. If you’re drawn to more than one card, then that’s ok, still read the messages to the ones you’re drawn to.

I was being lead to switch it up a bit and did a four card draw instead of our usual three. And I’m so glad, as these cards are truly perfect for this current time. If you’ve never taken part in our messages for the week, I highly recommend making this your first week 🙂

Keep scrolling to read your message.



Card 1 – Air Guardian. Shift your perception.

Change the way you think and you’ll change your whole reality.

The Air Guardian card represents the angels of the Air element. Traditionally Air is all about thoughts, thinking and everything that’s happening in the mind. So these angels can help you to overcome any thoughts that have come back to haunt you from the past and to see the world more clearly. They are guiding you to change the way you think about certain situations, as this could be standing between you and greatness.

Extended message:
When this card arises, it’s an opportunity to learn about your way of thinking. You care being guided to recognize that not all you see is exactly the way you see it. Sometimes the mind can play games and sometimes our perception can be wrong. If you are being challenged or feel there’s a lack of clarity and direction in your life at the moment, there’s a good chance the way you’re thinking or what you’re focusing on has a lot to do with that reality. You are being guided to open your eyes and your mind, go beyond any limits you have set for yourself and recognize that the way you see the world is how you experience the world. Opportunities are moving in your direction, but they will only open up for you if you are ready to do the internal work to support them.


Card 2 – Winter. Take care of your needs.

Do everything you need to be at your best. Then move beyond your fears and limitations.

For many of the animal realm. Winter is a time of hibernation and retreat. You may wish to curl up into a ball too. But, although you may not feel as bright as you’d like to be, a primal force within is encouraging you to continue.
The Winter card features a wolf, one of few animals that stay active all year round. Wolves know what it’s like to work alone or in a pack, so, if you feel you need to go it alone at this time, know that the wolf medicine will help you move beyond your insecurities and relax in your own space.

Extended message:
You have an opportunity to move beyond your fears. Although you may feel in the dark, get comfortable with being in the unknown and trust that the light within you will sustain you through what may seem a challenging process. Ask yourself what you need to do to feel supported and alive. You may uncover something from your past that you have buried deep. Know that when you unearth it and shed light on it, you create a space for miracles. You may feel like a lone wolf right now, but it’s time for you to be the alpha!

Card 3 – Summer. Bask in Joy and Light.

Rise up, open your wings and shine. Bring your projects and plans out into the light, into manifestation.

Summer has always been recognized as a time for joy, for adventures and making memories. Flowers are in full bloom, animals are enjoying the freedom of the wild summer days and nights, and people are taking holidays and basking in the sunshine and being lifted energetically by the light and warmth.

Extended message:
This is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Light has come to banish the darkness. Clarity is arriving too, allowing you to know exactly where you are and how you can move forward. Angels and ancestor guides are encouraging you to enjoy this moment and not rush forward, because this is a time for pleasure, enjoyment and expansion. There is a great chance that you have extra energy, creativity and inspiration at this time – notice what is coming to you, as it is inspiration directly from the divine.

Card 4 – Mother Earth. Feel loved and comforted.

Allow yourself to be cherished. Mother Earth is protecting you with a shield of love and light.

Mother Earth is the female counterpart to Father Sky. It’s auspicious to receive this card, because in the eyes and heart of Mother Earth, you are her child, and she is highly protective of her baby and will give you everything you need to grow and expand.
Mother Earth is only covered by leaves in this card, showing the vulnerability of the Earth. Every day she experiences challenges that she has to adapt to and overcome. Her energy, represented by the symbol of the pagan Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone – behind her, can help you adapt as the changes of life come your way.

Extended Message:
You may have felt overwhelmed or out of control emotionally recently, but you are now moving back to your natural centre and that will bring you to a place of clarity and openness. If you have felt ungrounded, know that Mother Earth is here to root you and help you regain your sense of strength. You may not feel like a child, but in the eyes of the divine you are a child of light and it’s important you know that and feel loved. If you have had challenges with your mother or with being a mother yourself, know that the energies of mother healing are with you to help clear any ancestral blockages that are preventing you from making this sacred love connection. You are being guided to make choices that are based on love.


So they are our messages for the week ahead. I won’t lie, I got goosebumps when I flipped the cards over and the messages revealed themselves – each one felt so absolutely perfect for you all, especially right now. What card number did you choose? Did the message resonate with you? Let me know in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

Whatever you have planned for the week ahead, I hope it’s a week full of love and light, and that you manage to stay safe.

Love to you all

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