Satin Spar Selenite Etched Palm Stones

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Satin Spar is a must-have stone to work with if you’re feeling like your energy or environment is beginning to feel heavy or dense.

It’s a tool like no other – its high vibrations neutralize surrounding negative vibrations while also raising your own vibration to the same frequency of its pure, white light. It helps to wipe your emotional and mental state clean and restores you to your brightest self.

Perfect for meditation, it works to cleanse your body of any stuck or stagnant energy to raise your vibration. When your energetic body is lighter, you can draw your attention away from distractions that prevent you from becoming still.

If you suffer with sleep issues such as insomnia, then Satin Spar is a must-have as it cleanses your mind, body and spirit, as well as your bedroom. Its gentle, pure energy will work wonders for a restful nights sleep.

For pregnancy and birth, keep Satin Spar with you as it will keep your space clear and cleansed, creating a calm and positive atmosphere for birth. During pregnancy, it’s an ideal stone to lay on your chest at any time to cleanse your energy of the day.

Measures approx 7cm.

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