Malachite Polished Freeform

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Malachite holds some wonderful heart-healing energies.
This stone strengthens your ability to stay true to your commitments, both promises you’ve made to others, and the essential commitment of showing kindness and forgiveness to yourself. It’s all about plugging you into feelings of unconditional love, reminding you that you are, in face, 100% loveable.

We’re all perfectly imperfect, and Malachite gives us the courage to be ourselves, without having to censor who we are to be attractive to another person or to fit in with a certain group.

Working with this stone may guide you to be more aware of your emotional triggers so that self-awareness can guide you through challenging situations or growth opportunities. If you find yourself arguing with your partner, family or friends, Malachite can nudge you to see your role in the conflict, and then encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and be more compassionate.

Malachite is also that no-nonsense friend that everyone needs – the one who calls you out on all the negative patterns you keep repeating and it helps you become more honest about your issues of self-worth and willpower. It helps you to stop holding yourself back from being the very best, most honest, and most real version of you and encourages you to drop those negative patterns, leaving you to feel empowered to make the conscious shifts towards a new and improved way of living.

When you’re ready for change, this is the crystal wo start working with, as it can help you transform your life by helping you shake off the behaviours that are keeping you from evolving into the highest version of yourself.
If you’re longing for change, Malachite is here to guide you. As one of the most powerful transformational crystals for the heart, Malachite helps bring awareness to what no longer serves you. It helps you to pinpoint the areas of your life that are ripe for tranformation and then guides you towards transforming them.

This gorgeous freeform measures approx 10cm and weighs 246g

Our special items are listed individually, so you know that you’ll be receiving the item shown in the photo.

This piece lies flat unless you put it in a display stand like in our photo. You can find our stands here for £1.50 each.


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