Gua Sha – Various Types

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Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method, where you can use a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin on your legs, face, arms, backk, neck and bottom.

Hand crafted, it carefully fits the contours of your face to allow controlled pressure.

Although each crystal has it’s own healing benefits, please note that they have no difference when using them on your face, although Rose Quartz is colder to the touch.

Rose Quartz:
The ultimate self love stone, this is an amazing crystal to have with you when it comes to self care and looking after yourself.
It will remind you that you are worthy of love, especially from yourself and it will boost feelings of self love, self compassion, self esteem and self worth. It’s also good for easing various pains / symptoms such as mentrual and menopausal.

Serpentine is a wonderful stone for developing a distinctive inner peace, which protects you from negative energy. It will help you develope a level of strength and serenity that will have any negative energies simply bounce off you, as if you were surrounded by a protective bubble.
It’s also good for emotions and energy flow and as part of your meditation practice.

Quartz is well known for being the master healer and it’s also a “feel better” stone – it helps improve quality of life, helping you to feel happier and re-energized. It also helps to focus the mind and relieves negativity as well as aiding meditation. It will have you feeling lightened up, brightened up and powered up in no time.

Rose Quartz approx 10cm
Quartz approx 8cm
Serpentine approx 8cm

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Quartz, Rose Quartz, Serpentine


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