Golden Healer Quartz Moon

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How amazing is this Golden Healer Quartz moon?

Golden Healer quartz is a high-vibe form of quartz and it’s primary gift is to take you out of your mind and into your heart.

If you’re having to find your way through family dynamics, this is the crystal for you. It helps you to stay in control when dealing with challenging family situations and helps you to cope with what’s happening. It reminds you to be the one who shows up in a calmer and more open state of mind, and it calls on you to become the healer. This crystal teaches you to shift the negative patterns of your family dynamics by changing how you show up to gatherings. Your family members or people around you won’t change because you’re carrying this crystal, but it helps to change the way you interact with them.

Golden Healer Quartz is a great crystal to work with if you find yourself taking things too personally. Whenever something is said or done that triggers an argument or a negative reaction, this is the crystal you need to reach for and reconnect with. This will help you calm down and prevent tensions from escalating. It will also help raise your vibration to a higher level so that you can have better control on your own actions and reactions.

This fabulous, sunshine yellow crystal also helps make spiritual communication over a long distance easier, including between worlds, and it empowers healing at all levels.

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