The Little Jar of Self Love

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These little glass jars are just adorable 💕

I’ve filled these with Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystal chips as well as lavender and rose petals.

Rose Quartz is the crystal for universal love – from boosting relationships to reminding you how to love yourself. It also boosts peace, calms emotions and amplifies loving energy. Amethyst is an incredibly calming crystal and helps with anxious thoughts and stress. This gorgeous purple stone also helps promote peace, provides protection, stabilizes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and banishes negativity.
I’ve also added Lavender to bring love, peace, protection, happiness and healing, and Rose petals for love, appreciation and beauty and pink Himalayan sea salt for love, protection, cleansing, purification and healing.

The corks are currently left unsealed because I also find the scents from this mix is also incredibly soothing. If you’d like yours seeled with wax, please contact me before ordering. ** due to the size of these crystals and jar, PLEASE keep out of reach from babies and children as they could become a choking hazard **


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