Caribbean Calcite Freeforms

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Caribbean Blue Calcite is a very new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan. It’s a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite.
This stone’s energies are still somewhat of a mystery as it’s still so new, although it definitely resonates with your third eye and crown chakra.
Caribbean Blue Calcite is mind activating, tapping in to your higher consciousness and psychic abilities. Kept by your bed it will provide enhanced dream insight as well as astral travel and lucid dreaming.  Sit and meditate with this amazing stone for an overall sense of calm and serenity.

Each piece is individually listed so that you can choose what one you’re drawn to.

I only have one of each available but if your chosen item is showing as out of stock, then please register your email address and I’ll know what sizes to get when I next place my order in a couple of days.

Item 1: weighs 240g / measures approx 8cm. Is free standing on 3 sides.
Item 2: weighs 205g / measures approx 10cm. Can be laid flat or possibly on one side if the surface is flat.
Item 3: weighs 58g / measures approx 6cm.
Item 4: weighs 26g / measures approx 3.5cm.

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