Blue Onyx Cut Base Polished Point

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Blue Onyx is a very strength-giving stone.
It’s a stone that increases your happiness in life, will help to fight restlessness by stabilizing your focus and attention, and if you’re under extreme physical, mental or emotional stress, it helps to relieve you of these feelings.

It’s a very useful stone to have to protect you from black magic, and it also works well in deflecting negative energies which may be directed towards you, and removing any negative energies that you may have already absorbed.

Blue Onyx will also help you gain emotional balance, and boost your communication skills which will provide happiness and satisfaction to anyone you have a form of relationship with. It will remove your communication struggles and boosts your courage to say what you’re thinking or feeling in a healthy way, by encouraging you to be kinder with your words and more sensitive to the feelings of others.

weighs: 400g / approx 8cm


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