Aquamarine Heart Necklace

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These super-cute Aquamarine heart pendants measure approx 1.5cm and come on a black satin cord, which is easily replaceable.

If you find yourself drawn to Aquamarine, it could mean that you’re in need of some Vitamin Sea.

Aquamarine is an amazing stone to help calm feelings of stress and overwhelm. It can also aid in verbal expression and dissolves unnecessary stress from your mind. It’s particularly useful for public speaking, as it encourages you to express yourself with honesty and authenticity.
It’s a stone to keep by your side when clear and honest communication is a must.

The soothing energies of Aquamarine can calm highly strung, emotionally sensitive and angry people, preventing mood swings, tantrums and meltdowns, and if you suffer from roadrage, this is one of the most perfect crystals to have.

If you need help in accepting yourself and embracing all that you are, Aquamarine is the crystal to work with. Spending time with this crystal will help eliminate thoughts that threaten your self-acceptance and replace them with ones that affirm who you are.
Because Aquamarine holds the fluid energy of water, it encourages you to embrace its nature and remain fluid with yourself. You are ever changing, and you must continually accept who you are in every stage of your life. Who you are today may not be the same as who you are tomorrow, so use the fluidity of this stone to give yourself the space and permission to evolve, and to embrace yourself during the highs and the lows.


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