Anxiety Healing Bundle

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This anxiety bundle has been put together by myself, containing the four most useful crystals I found to help me the most when I was at my worst.

This set includes:

Rough Rose Quartz – to help boost love, compassion and forgiveness, especially towards ourselves.
Rainbow Fluorite – to help keep you calm and cool headed during daily life, relieving stress, clearing confusion, mental fog and disorganisation. Fluorite also has the ability to absorb and neutralise any harmful or negative energy within its space.
Amethyst – to help relieve stress, create a bubble of protective light around people and spaces, help clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and clutter and helps boost inner strength and clarity of the mind.
Satin Spar (Selenite) – to provide an air of calm, ward off toxic thoughts and energies and, when connected to the third eye or crown chakras, it fills you with positivity and purity.

Please note that due to the natural way that crystals form, there may be some slight differences in any patterns / sizes shown in the main image.
Our bundles come with a guide on how to use them, how to care for them and how to get the best from them.

1 review for Anxiety Healing Bundle

  1. hannahthewlis (verified owner)

    The rose quartz Crystal was bigger than expected and is now one of my favourite crystals.

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