Amethyst Polished Point

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This gorgeous Amethyst polished point will have you surrounded by positive energy and calming vibes.

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This gorgous Amethyst polished point might be small, but it’s absolutely packed full of the most amazing rainbows!

Measuring 7cm and weighing 160g, this Amethyst point radiates calming vibes that will leave you in a fabulous state of tranquility.

Amethyst is known as natures own stress relief, making it good for soothing anxieties or depressive moods, and will also help send you off to sleepy town each night. It purifies your mind of worry and anxiety and other day-to-day stresses so that you can settle into a more tranquil and peaceful state of mind.

When you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, Amethyst is your must-have crystal. At the end of a chaotic day, have you ever wished for a minute of peace and quiet? Amethyst helps you find inner peac, regardless of what’s happening around you. It’s your reminder that peace is within you – you have everything you need to find inner peace.


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