Amazonite (Graphical) Heart

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Graphical Amazonite is a mix of Amazonite and Smoky Quartz.

It encourages you in your quest to be a brave and fearless truth-teller and it’s a stone of flow, strength and adventure, much like the river which it’s named after.

It’s a valuable crystal for singers, actors, teachers, writers, and anyone who communicates either for a living or for passion. It’s also an essential crystal for social media mavens who feel led to inspire and uplift. It will guide you to bravely share  and post from your higher self for a light-filled social media presence. Let this crystal help you to bravely share your truth so that you can encourage others to fly.

If you’ve lost all hope in a certain situation, Amazonite is the stone to reach for. Its energy connects to your heart and brings love, joy and optimism. It helps you to replace low vibrational energy in your heart with hope and a glass-half-full perspective. It can also clear away fears, doubts and worries and encourages you to believe that something good will come out of your efforts.

This item measures approx 5cm


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