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We’re Going Social Media Free!

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We’re stepping away from social media!

I know…. It seems crazy seeing as everyone seems to still be swiping along on their news feeds daily, but after thinking long and hard about it (my first thoughts entered my head about 2 years ago), I’ve decided I need to jump off the bandwagon for a number of important reasons.

1) I’m just not feeling the vibe from it any more.
We’re constantly shown what someone else deems important on our news feed. I say someone else, but the algorithms clearly aren’t human. We like a page or join a group because we like their vibe and message, yet someone other than ourselves decides what we can or can’t see from that page.
And I ain’t up for that any longer.

2) As a small business, it’s become increasingly hard to be “seen”, mainly because of the above reason, and also because we’ve got to “do this” and “do that” and “post this and post that” just to be seen by a handful of followers, and quite honestly, I could use that social media time more productively by working on a different side of my business, and connecting with my customers and followers in a more connected way. I’ve also fallen out of love with it quite a bit, and even scheduling posts is draining me more than I’d like. It gives me “performing monkey” vibes rather than business owner thrills these days.

3) I’m having to work through a lot if personal things with my therapy, with healing from childhood trauma, complicated grief, generational trauma, just to name a few, and having to spend so long on social media isn’t doing much to help that inner healing. As much as I try to avoid anything triggering (I even made a new fb profile just liking things that I really wanted to see and avoid all the online drama), things that I need to avoid right now are still finding a way in, which I ain’t up for while I’m working through stuff.

4) Dress gate still riles me up the wrong way.
Some of you may remember a while ago (through the first lockdown to be almost exact) I shared a funny meme which stated that women had pockets removed from dresses because it’s where we hid our spell books and magical herbs. Now, clearly that’s not true. But a couple of months ago someone reported that post for sharing fake news and I was hit hard by the powers of the insta gods, and my account has never fully recovered in terms of people seeing me and coming up in searches. Yet we’ve all won hundreds of iphones lately and we’re getting regular comments to dm pics to another company for a colab.
Yet I’m shadowbanned for posting a funny meme that someone has decided a year later to be fake news.
It angers me that my business can be affected in such a way by an absolute no-body.

5-30) loads of other reasons lol.

So what now?

Well, all the hours I’d be spending on social media (both fb and insta) will be used more productively, so I’ll be able to work on my website more, post regular blogs, finally get round to uploading some stock that’s still sat on the shelves waiting to be photographed, and polishing up my newsletters so that they have some precious content. You can view my table of thoughts below, so you know when things will be popping up 😀 I’ll also be able to finish my courses and publish my multitude of e-books and craft all the things I want to craft!
My fb group will remain open for all current members whilst I work on a new community plan, as we have quite a nice little group in there, but other than that, I’ll not be active on my business pages on either fb or Instagram from the end of May (possibly a week before). If you’re a fan of our Sunday card pulls, or funny memes, I’d recommend joining the group as these will be moving into there too!

I’ll still be around to chat to though, either via the fb group, messenger and emails, and you can always hit the reply button on my newsletters too. And there’s big plans for the website in the near future, as those in my group already know, and I’m quite excited about that. When it’s launched I’ll be sending out a newsletter so if you’ve not joined our mailing list already, I’d do so now.

I’m quite excited about having this break, as I feel it’s really draining the life out of my business for various reasons, and my business deserves a bit of attention, so the free time will be hugely valuable.

So to recap (because I know I’ve waffled on):
Where you can find me from June:
Blog Posts
Emails / Newsletters
The contact us form on the website.


In the fb group (as I’ll be taking all apps off my phone, my “active” times will vary)

Where I won’t be:
My instagram or facebook pages (personal and professional). They’ll not be deleted as they all contain so much information that you can always refer back to if needs be. But from May they won’t be updated.

I hope you all still stick around with me as I make the new switcharoo, and join the group / newsletter if you haven’t already.

Are you social media free already? How are you finding the difference in your life since you left? Or have you never joined? Let me know in the comments.

Chat soon!

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