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The June Subscription Box ** SPOILER ALERT **

It’s the middle of May which means you’re now able to order our June subscription box! It also means we’re half way through our year of subscription boxes! :O

June’s box is one of my favourite boxes that I’ve put together – I absolutely love it and I hope you do too 😉

This blog post does contain spoilers, so if you’re not wanting to know what’s in this month’s blog, I’d not recommend reading this.







June crystal subscription box

I’d been looking for this little trinket dish for years, and when I finally found it, I just knew it needed a box based on it.
And so, the Luna Love box was created.

Inside the box

As Selenite is named after the Goddess of the Moon, Selene, it was a no brainer that this stone had to be included. And when these little moon shapes popped up at my suppliers….. it was clearly meant to be. This stone is a box exclusive and won’t be available to order seperately. Selenite is a very gentle and peaceful stone. Selenite is a useful stone to have in the home or office as it cleanses your energy and environment when things start to feel heavy or dense. It’s also useful for cleansing other crystals from any negativity. It’s a very soft stone and sensitive to water, so you do need to be careful where you display it.

Our next stone is a fabulous Labradorite pebble. I love the way it has secret shimmers when the light catches it. Labradorite urges you to expand past your own perceived limits. When you see its rainbow flashes, the abundance of colours reminds you that your possibilities and potentials are endless.
This stone is another Sub Box exclusive and won’t be available seperately.

The last stone in this box is Moonstone. I chose this one not just because of the name and the fact it looks quite moon-like, but also because of the wonderful healing benefits it brings. Moonstone holds the divine energy of the Moon, which nourishes your soul and illuminates your purpose. It also unlocks the energy of the moon that resides within you, thereby keeping you in a more balanced state. It’s also a crystal that releases your inner goddess so it just had to be included right now, when most of us are probably feeling quite un-goddess like 🤐 When you feel as if you lack direction or purpose, Moonstone is a good crystal to keep with you. It lends you the support to realign yourself with what you are meant to do.









Our theme-based items are clearly Moon themed, with a Stay Wild Moon Child trinket dish and gold, glittery keyring, to remind you to always be yourself. Aren’t they just stunning? The dish is a great size for a handful of crystals, those little bits and pieces you have lying around, or jewellery and would add a bit of magic to your table or shelf. The keyring just oozes sparkle, even when it’s not in direct light.

I hope you like this month’s box as much as I do.
You can place your order here.

Love and light,
Stay safe

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