Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day will soon be upon us! This year it falls on 22nd March, so it won’t be long…

If you have crystal loving caregivers in your life that you want to get a gift for that isn’t based around chocolates or flowers, then this is the list for you!

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Our Mother’s Day list must obviously start with our Mother’s Day Box.
Mother's Day crystal healing giftContaining 4 beautiful crystals, a Spacemask and a tea light with a heart chaped tea light holder, this gift is already put together with gorgeous tissue paper in a white gift box. All you’ll need to do is hand it over 😉

Our gift boxed Amethyst Clusters.
Amethyst Cluster
We have 9 of these available (at the time of typing) and each cluster comes in its own little gift box. Amethyst is a well known crystal for helping with calm, emotions (especially anxiety) and sleep. We also have lots more gorgeous clusters available, which you can find here.

If your mum loves home fragrance and the thought of tranquility, then our backflow incense burners would make the perfect gift.
Pebble backflow burner
We even stock the backflow incense cones to go with them.

Spacemasks are perfect for the mum who needs to take time out for herself.
Gently infused with Jasmine essential oils, these cotton eye masks slowly warm up, whisking you off to a world of relaxation and calm.

Our Lucky Stars make the perfect little gift.
Lucky Stars
It even comes with its own little gift bag that says “I thank my lucky stars for you”. Too cute!

Another little pocket-money gift is our Worry Doll Keyrings.
Worry dolls
Because what mum doesn’t worry?!

If your mum has a lot of crystals, maybe our Selenite bowls might come in handy?
Selenite Cleansing bowl and autumn crystalsOur selenite bowls are a must-have, as it has the power to cleanse crystals and rid them of any negative vibes they’ve been exposed to. Plus they look fabulous 😉 we also have various cleansing plates and shapes available too, from stars to crescent moons and squares. You can find out more by clicking here.

Picking up again with the time out theme, why not give some amazingly wonderful Himalayan Bath Salts?
Himalayan bath salts - Relax - lavender and seeds
Available in 3 blends – Relax, Sensual, and Clarity, our bath salts contain essential oils and flowers to help boost the scences and give a luxurious bath time.

We can also put together some bundles of crystals for you to help with any issue.
Crystals to get through christmas
From hormonal, sleepless nights, overwhelm, or just to help with manifesting or empowerment, if you’d like to see what we can put together for you, please do get in touch.

So there you have it, a selection of our favourite gift ideas for your mum, carer, nan, sister…. anyone who’s taken on the role of being mummy.

We have so many other items available, so if you’ve not had a look in our shop for a while, why not look now and see what we’ve added.

If you have any questions or you’d like some advice, please do send me a message.

Love and light,
Kate the little crystal lounge








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